Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michelle Obama & Cookie Monster

My son is in love with cookie monster - when he was younger he would talk about "cook mon" all the time. So I was happy to come across this. Michelle Obama will be making her debut on Sesame Street in November, speaking on none other than our favorite topic: Gardening!
She will be kicking off the 40th anniversary season of Sesame Street with a discussion and demo on vegetable gardening and healthy eating. If you have kids (or not) and did not plant a garden this year, I urge you to try it in 2010. Even a small container garden can produce enough tomatoes for a family.
Political views aside, it is great to see a politcian (or their wife in this case) promoting our industry and the ease and fun associated with growing a vegetable garden.
Now, I am off to find some cookies. Oops, I mean vegetables.


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